We are really excited to launch our new store. It's taken a few months to get to where we are, but now we are ready with our lightweight footballs that are designed for kids.

The footballs are really good quality, made from strong, yet soft feel, PU leather and they are very hard-wearing and are water resistant.

Feedback has been really positive so far. We've approached dads, who think it's a great idea for their kids; we've approached kids, who love the fact that the balls are light and that they can actually kick them! And we've approached coaches, who tell us that these are great for kids' development and, most importantly, enjoyment.

We hope you like them too - if you do, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We love seeing photos and videos of kids playing football - particularly ours - so please feel free to post.

Finally - tell all your friends! We feel that the best way to spread the word about these footballs is through word of mouth.