Lionstrike Partnership to Develop Girls' Football

Beecholme Belles FC, Surrey's only club dedicated to girls, has selected Lionstrike to be their supplier of lightweight footballs as part of training and development sessions at Beecholme Belles across all age groups.

The footballs chosen are Lionstrike 210s (size 3), Lionstrike 260s (size 4) and Mitre Jnr Lite 360 (size 5), and will be used as part of coaching and training sessions with the aim of improving technique - whilst still making football fun!

Beecholme Belles

Lorraine Kennedy, chairman of Beecholme Belles, commented, "We trialled the Lionstrike footballs and our managers were delighted with the results. The girls were shooting more accurately and were getting much more involved in heading the balls. These footballs have been great for us in summer training and will give the girls more confidence in the season ahead."

This deal is further recognition that Lionstrike lightweight footballs can make a significant impact to childrens' football development. The footballs are 25% lighter, which means that children are able to focus on how to pass and shoot properly, rather than trying to generate power through any means possible.

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