Lionstrike Partnership with CGK Academy

Lionstrike and CGK Academy partnership

Lionstrike has struck up a partnership with CGK Academy – a specialist academy for goalkeepers – to provide lightweight footballs to the academy across all age groups.  Our Lionstrike footballs will be used as part of all training sessions across all age groups, helping kids on their reflex saves, kicking techniques and judging the speed and flight of the ball.

 CGK was founded by Callum Green Callum who has an extensive background of Goalkeeping, both as a player and a coach at various levels, including the Development Squad for Ipswich Town.

 About the footballs, Callum said, “These footballs are quite different to all the other footballs that we use. They really test our keepers because the footballs travel quicker and require quick reflexes. They also help to train goalkeepers to use the right kicking technique for a goal kick.

We have invested in the Lionstrike 210s (size 3) for our 3-7yr age groups and the Lionstrike 260s (size 4) for our 8-14yr age groups. I can thoroughly recommend these footballs – they have been brilliant for my sessions!

 Please get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more!

 You can find out further details about CGK Academy by visiting their website,

CGK Academy