Lionstrike and Porters Soccability Partnership

Lionstrike and Porters Soccability Partnership

Lionstrike is delighted to partner with Porters Soccability, an FA-affiliated disability and special needs football club, who now use Lionstrike Lite footballs across all of their Youth teams.


It’s no exaggeration to say that Porter’s Soccability makes the world of difference to the lives of these children who want to play football. The organisation is an FA-affiliated disability football club and has been running since 2014. For some young people, the experience has been life-changing in terms of their growth in maturity, attitude and outlook.


They heard about Lionstrike’s Lite range of footballs and these seemed a great fit for them. Lionstrike Lite footballs are 20% lighter than regular footballs, so much easier to kick.

“This is particularly important for children who might struggle with regular weight footballs” says Nigel Stuart, Chairman at Porters Soccability.


“Our players enjoy these footballs and they truly make a difference. We would like to thank Lionstrike for noticing this need within the football supply market.”


Our Lite range of footballs are safer, too. The force of impact is less, so it doesn’t hurt as much to head the ball. This is becoming more and more important in children’s football, and is even more important within a disability football club.


It’s a privilege for us to make such a contribution to children of all abilities who are playing football at Porters. Please visit to find out more.