Where did you get the idea for Lionstrike?

The concept behind Lionstrike is simple – make footballs a little lighter so that children can kick them. The idea came from my own boys, who love football but would struggle with footballs that are standard weight. I figured that a lighter ball would improve their ability to kick the ball properly and, at the same time, improve their enjoyment of the game. My boys have loved playing with the Lionstrike balls – so far so good!

What is standard weight and standard circumference for footballs and how do Lionstrike footballs compare?

For size 3 footballs, our footballs are 210g compared to standard weight of 312g-340g, making our footballs around 30% lighter. Our size 3 footballs are standard circumference, which is 58cm.

For size 4 footballs, our footballs are 260g compared to standard weight of 340g-369g, making our footballs around 24% lighter. Our size 4 footballs are standard circumference, which is 63.5cm.

Why do you sell other brands, such as Nike and Mitre?

The Nike football and the Mitre football are both 290g and therefore lighter than standard footballs. They are not as light as the Lionstrike footballs but we make these available to our customers as part of a range of lighter footballs and brands, in order to offer choice.

Can I buy more than one football and combine delivery costs?

Yes, you can buy up to 3 footballs and the delivery cost will stay at £2.99. For any more than 3 footballs, we charge a delivery cost of £4.95 which covers up to 9 footballs. Any orders over £68.00 qualify for free delivery in the UK.

To which countries do you deliver?

We deliver to UK, Europe, North America, Central America, South America and Africa. For any orders outside of these countries or for orders of more than 5 footballs, please email us at info@lionstrike.net

I run a coaching academy for children. Can I buy a number of footballs at a discounted price?

Yes, please get in touch with us at info@lionstrike.net. We have schemes whereby we can offer you a discount and also offer you a commission on any footballs that are sold to parents of your academy children. We have found that kids love them and parents want to buy them for use at home.

What is PU leather?

Leather footballs are not made of genuine leather (as in the olden days) but are made from synthetic leather. The two synthetic leathers are either PU (polyurethane) and PVC (poly vinyl chloride).  PVC is cheaper than PU and generally used in an inexpensive training ball. Those players seeking optimal performance generally use PU balls. Outside of price, the main difference between balls is touch. A PU ball is softer than a PVC ball and a PU cover makes a ball much livelier than PVC. It is this combination of soft touch and lively responsiveness that leads many players to choose a PU coated ball. It is usually that ball that is the first one out of the bag every time, and all of our Lionstrke footballs are PU leather.