Footballs designed for children

Lionstrike footballs are specifically designed for kids. We have 3 main lines of footballs:

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Lionstrike Lite Training Footballs

20% lighter than standard footballs the Lionstrike Lite Training Football is the perfect perfect first ball for your child. Available in Size 2 (U4), Size 3 (U7) and Size 4 (U14).


Lionstrike Club Training Footballs

Produced to club level standards and to regulation sizes the Lionstrike Club Training Football provides great quality at the lighter end of the recommended weight scale. Available in Size 3 (U6 - U9) and Size 4 (U10 - U14).


Lionstrike Match Footballs

The Lionstrike Match Football is the lightest match-standard ball that conforms to official international standards (IMS) as designated by Fifa. Available in Size 3 (U6 - U10) and Size 4 (U10 - U14).


Lionstrike In Action!

  • 20% LIGHTER

    Lionstrike footballs are 20% LIGHTER than standard footballs and are therefore much easier to kick. And much more fun!!

  • High Quality

    Lionstrike is a brand of high quality leather footballs that are specifically designed for children.

  • Designed for kids

    Our footballs encourage kids to kick with the right technique, thereby developing the right skills from an early age.

  • Brilliant feedback

    Feedback from kids has been brilliant - they love the fact that they can actually kick these footballs!

Available Worldwide

Lionstrike Footballs are available to help children enjoy playing football around the world. We store our footballs in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia meaning we can deliver (almost) anywhere!

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  • A really great experience

    We trialled the Lionstrike footballs and our managers were delighted with the results. The girls were shooting more accurately and were getting much more involved in heading the balls. These footballs have been great for us in summer training and will give the girls more confidence in the season ahead.

    Lorraine Kennedy, Chair of Beecholme Belles

  • Thoroughly recommended

    These footballs are quite different to all the other footballs that we use. They really test our keepers because the footballs travel quicker and require quick reflexes. They also help to train goalkeepers to use the right kicking technique for a goal kick.

    Callum Green, Head Goalkeeping Coach at CGK Academy

  • My 'Blue One' loves his new Lionstrike Size 3 Football

    My Blue One loves his new size 3 Lionstrike football! The size is specifically designed for 3-7 year olds, giving him a lot more confidence over the ball. He loves it so much, he brought it up for a cuddle whilst watching TV sitting in our bed this morning!!!

    Geraldine Miller, from Kent

  • Loves it!

    Robbie with his new Lionstrike ball. Loves it. Flies fast, accurate and learning his heading skills without being knocked out! He's got 10 balls and it's his ball of choice not only for him but his team mates as well. Just working on the team manager now!!

    Jon Coultard, from York

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