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Lionstrike Club Training Football - Size 3 / 4

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The Lionstrike Club Training Football is a club and league level training ball, produced to club-level standards and regulation size and weight.

It is engineered with revolutionary NeoBladdertechnology to provide a softer touch and a more powerful strike. That makes our size 4 Club training football perfect for U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14 age groups who would greatly benefit from a more responsive football that is easier to control and better to strike.

Why Is This Important?

When kids move up into training, they want a training ball that they can control well, that they can kick well, and that they can feel braver about heading.

From a coach’s perspective, coaches want a high quality, Club-standard football that improves the quality of football played and that stands up to tough Winter conditions. 

Lionstrike footballs also have a strong safety element, as they are slightly lighter than regular footballs and therefore force of impact (especially heading) is less during matches.


  • Weight: Our size 4 Club footballs are 355g, fitting in with official match standard range of 350-390g for size 4 footballs.
  • Outer Material: Matt finished PU Leather plus a 5mm EVA Foam layer beneath this, giving a soft touch and feel.
  • Bladder: Strong, reinforced bladder, engineered with NeoBladdertechnology, which provides a strong and lightweight inner shell that stays inflated
  • Seams - The Club Ball is seam-sealed, which strengthens the seams and also prevents water absorption, thereby increasing this football’s lifespan.
  • Sphericity: Club Training Ball has a sphericity variation of less than 2%, conforming to the highest international standards;
  • Circumference = 64cm
  • Weight 355g 

NOTE: These footballs are delivered deflated, so will require a suitable pump to inflate them before use.