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Lionstrike Lite Training Football – Size 2 / 3 / 4

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Lionstrike Lite footballs are 20% lighter than standard footballs. These size 2 footballs are designed and built to improve skills, technique and confidence for boys and girls aged 2-4 years old.

Engineered with revolutionary NeoBladdertechnology, these footballs look and behave like regular footballs but benefit from a lighter touch and feel. This lighter touch helps to improve a child’s technique for passing, dribbling and shooting. 

Lionstrike footballs also have a strong safety element, as they are lighter than regular footballs and therefore force of impact (especially heading) is less.

 Best of all, Lionstrike footballs are very popular and great fun to play with; in the garden, in the park or as part of a structured football coaching session.


  • Outer Material: PU Leather plus an EVA Foam layer beneath this, giving a soft touch and feel.
  • Bladder: Manufactured with NeoBladdertechnology, which provides a strong yet lightweight bladder that stays inflated
  • Circumference = 48cm
  • Weight 190g

NOTE: These footballs are delivered deflated, so will require a suitable pump to inflate them before use.