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Lionstrike Match Football – Size 3 / 4

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The Lionstrike Match Ball LT is the lightest match-standard football that conforms to official international match standards (IMS) as designated by FIFA. 

Engineered with revolutionary NeoBladdertechnology, these footballs are manufactured to IMS standard and are at the lighter end of match specifications. That makes our match ball perfect for U6, U7, U8 and U9 age groups who would greatly benefit from a slightly lighter football during matches. 

Why Is This Important?

When kids transition from training to playing matches, they want a match ball that they can control well, that they can kick well, and that they can feel braver about heading.

From a coach’s perspective, coaches want a high quality, match standard football that improves the standard of football played and that stands up to tough Winter conditions.

Lionstrike match footballs also have a strong safety element, as they are lighter than regular footballs and therefore force of impact (especially heading) is less during matches.


The Lionstrike LT is manufactured to International Match Standards, as defined by FIFA guidelines. Our size 3 footballs are 305g, fitting in with official match standard range of 300-350g for size 3 footballs.

Our match ball is tightly-stitched and seam-sealed, keeping the ball round and keeping water out in wet conditions.

Lionstrike footballs are 20% lighter and so they hurt less when children are heading the ball. Our footballs are perfect for matches, match coaching and for children to practice their skills.

A high-retention bladder, incorporating NeoBladder technology, holds air very well for repeated use without re-inflating. They are built to stand heavy wear, match after match.

This is the best match ball to help U6s, U7s, U8s and U9s transition from training to matches. It really helps them to work on their skills, develop confidence and be able to generate power when striking the ball.


  • Weight: Our size 3 footballs are 305g, fitting in with official match standard range of 300-350g for size 3 footballs.
  • Outer Material: Matt finished PU Leather plus a 5mm EVA Foam layer beneath this, giving a soft touch and feel.
  • Bladder: Strong wound bladder, engineered with NeoBladdertechnology, which provides a strong and lightweight bladder that stays inflated
  • Seams - The Match Ball LT is seam-sealed, which strengthens the seams and also prevents water absorption that can reduce a football’s lifespan.
  • Sphericity: Match Ball LT has a sphericity variation of less than 2%, conforming to the highest international standards;
  • Circumference = 60cm
  • Weight 305g 


NOTE: These footballs are delivered deflated, so will require a suitable pump to inflate them before use.